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WCF Episode 2

Posted by archworx on February 7, 2007

I delivered a session on WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) in the Cutting Edge Club quite a while ago, and have been meaning to post about it as part of a series of posts on .NET 3.0 but as we all know, life is not always as we plan it.

So to finally releive my conscience, I decided to attach the presentation here WCF presentation.

I also attached the sample here WCF_Sample. Just download this file and change the extension to .zip and you should be ready to go.

If you have any comments please let me know.


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WCF Episode 1

Posted by archworx on October 11, 2006

I finally started working on my WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) workshop that I will hopefully present in the Cutting Edge Club on 7th Nov.

I started by working on some virtual labs as well as some walkthroughs, as well as reading the MSDN documentation.

Here are some useful definitions:

1. What is WCF?

It is a unified programming model for building Service Oriented applications. Basically it is a ready made framework that helps the developer create a class/component without worrying about how other applications will communicate with this component. 

2. How does WCF do this?

WCF separates the communication infrastructure from the business logic, by giving the developers a framework (set of classes)  that allows them to expose their business classes with any supported protocol, or to write their own custom binding to support custom protocols.

3.What are the ABC’s fo a WCF Service ?

Address: Defines the Address of the service you want to expose.

Binding: Defines how people will consume this resource i.e. what protocol they will use to talk to this resource.

Contract: The service interface. This defines how people will call the service i.e. what are the methods? what are the parameters?

It is very important to stick to the interface when creating an application and the creator of the service has to make sure that the interface doesn’t change or the service consumers could have problems consuming the service, which is why the name contract is significant here.

4. Is a WCF service a fancy name for Web Service?

Actually, yes and no.

To be more precise, a Web Service is a type of WCF service that is hosted in IIS and communicates with consumers using HTTP. A WCF service is a super-set of that, it is any business class that is hosted as a service (can be hosted anywhere), and communicates with consumers with any protocol (the protocol is defined in a config file, you can even use multiple protocols).

5. How do I host a WCF service?

Well, you can host it in the pplication domain of any .NET application. Simply, you can use any application host (doesn’t have to be IIS), as long as it is a .NET application host. So far I have used a console application as a host for my WCF services.

Basically, A service is to a host as a DLL is to a Web or Windows application.

Well, thats just the start, stay tuned for some actual code writing very soon, and please comment.

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Installing .Net 3.0

Posted by archworx on October 4, 2006

 I’ve been trying for ages to get .NET 3.0 to install on my development machine, it took me ages and it never succeeded.

I would always get a crappy error message going something like “Setup could not download all the files”.

After lots of research and asking around, I came upon this link:

It basically says that you nedd to uninstall any previous versions of the framework, and provides you with an uninstall application.

None of this worked for me, so the only solutions was to start with a totally new machine, but there was mention that an antivirus or antispyware could be the problem, after disabling all my “anti” applications, I was still at the same place I started…. A failed installation.


I decided to create a new Virtual PC from scratch.

This is the install order I used:

Windows XP (SP2)

.NET Framework 2.0

VS.NET 2005

MS SQL 2005

.NETFX 3.0 RC1

Presto, it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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