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Running Ant scripts from Eclipse

Posted by archworx on January 28, 2007

Getting Ant scripts to run from eclipse can sometimes be tricky if you are using Ant tasks that require external jar files, for example to run a script to deploy/undeploy to a tomcat server you have to add the make the following configuration changes, the same applies to junit and other external tasks

  • In Eclipse go to Window | Preferences | Ant
  • Open the Runtime section
  • In the Classpath tab: Add to the Global Entries the the catalina-ant.jar file as indicated by the following screen shot.

Eclipse-Ant jar file

  • In the Tasks tab: Add the Deploy and Undeploy tasks as shown in the following screen shot

Eclipse-Ant deploy

Eclipse-Ant Undeploy


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Insights on JDC 2007

Posted by archworx on January 22, 2007

Last Saturday I attended the first Java Developers Conference (JDC) to be held in Egypt. The event was organized by the Egyptian Java Users Group (EGJUG) and was held at Intercontinental City Stars Cairo. Consisting of 7 sessions, the conference covered topics ranging from SOA and Webservices to IDEs and productivity. I thought the conference was successful overall, it was well organized (albeit a bit late on the agenda), had good food 🙂 and hosted knowledgable speakers. The sessions I liked most were the ones about “Bullet Proofing your Webservices” and  “New Features in Java 6” which were lectured by Chuk Mun Lee (Sun Singapore Senior Developer Consultant). The first talked about best practices in the use of webservices in Java and how the ease of creation of webservices has evolved in J2EE 5 and JavaSE 6. The second talked about new syntactic features and APIs shipped with JavaSE 6, the most important introduction (in my opinion) being the introduction of Webservices in Java SE for the first time. I also liked the Netbeans session given by Roman Strobl (Netbeans Technical Evangelist), although I must say that the new databinding features that will be shipped with Netbeans 6 were present in .NET 2.0 for ages now, overall I think Netbeans has an edge on other Java IDEs by being the best (again in my opinion) in providing Visual Editors for Java Developers. Anyways, that was it. Microsoft’s Middle East Developers Conference (MDC) is coming to Egypt this Feburary, we’ll just have to see what Microsoft can come up with to counter Java’s new features 🙂

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Book about Creating and Manipulating PDF

Posted by archworx on November 29, 2006

In iText in Action: Creating and Manipulating PDF, author Bruno Lowagie walks through everything PDF, Adobe’s Portable Document Format, from a Java developer’s point of view. Lowagie covers how to use iText in a Java/J2EE application for the production and/or manipulation of PDF documents. Along the way, Lowagie describes interesting PDF features and explains more obscure e-document functionalities. In addition to many small code samples, this book includes XML-based, ready-made solutions that can easily be adapted and integrated into projects.

There is a sample chapter titled “PDF: why and when“. The first section of this chapter explains why PDF was invented and how it evolved into a de facto standard. In the second section, Lowagie describes the different PDF “flavors,” some of which are described in an International Standards Organization (ISO) standard. Lowagie uses a table listing different versions of the PDF specification to focus on specific features such as compression and encryption. He also uses “Hello World” examples to show how to compress/decompress and encrypt/decrypt PDF files.

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What’s New in Java SE 6

Posted by archworx on October 22, 2006

Version 6 of the Java Platform is on track to be released next fall, we as a software company need to be aware of its new features and be prepared for them. So here are the top 10 things you need to know

What’s New in Java SE 6

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