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Generating Documentation for .NET assemblies using SandCastle

Posted by archworx on June 4, 2007

I was developing a Control Library for .NET 2.0 and wanted to generate neat looking documentation from XML tags that I had written in code. So I googled around for a bit until I found that you can use a tool called SandCastle to generate HTML documentation that could be transformed into CHM and HxS formats. Here are the steps you have to do:

1- Inside VS2005 right click your project in the Solution Explorer and choose ”Properties”.

2- Click “Build” tab, under “Ouput” make sure that you check the “XML documentation file” checkbox. Once you do so, you can fill in a textbox that specifies the path of where the XML file (that contains the tags you put in code) will be generated.

3- Download and Install HTML Help Workshop .

3- Download and Install SandCastle March 2007 CTP .

4- Download and Install SandCastle Help File Builder (A really cool project on CodePlex that provides a UI that utilizes Sandcastle to generate Help Files)

5- Use SandCastle Help file Builder to generate your documentation .

Voila, you’ve got a cool professional documentation for your .NET project


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