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Blackberry blood on the Tarmac

Posted by archworx on September 22, 2008

Last week I was taking my son to the doctor, and as I was lifting his car seat in place, I rested my phone in the crevice between the hood and the windshield. We then got in the car and the started driving away.

I completely forgot about the blackberry.

A few minutes later I notice the phone in its holster was slowly edging up the windshield – in what seemed like an eternity – and within a couple of seconds the berry had flown off the car. The trouble is I was on the ring road!

I parked my car and I spent the next TEN minutes pacing back and forth the highway’s four different lanes trying to find parts of it. I knew it would certainly not work, but I just wanted to see if I could recover the data card with some baby pictures of my son and my sim card.

I found the phone itself, then the holster, then I spotted the back cover doing umpteen somersaults in lane 3, its black cover faintly visible in the night, its reflections caught my attention as it was flying in mid air.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find the battery. My wife spotted it near where we were parked and then we re-assembled it.

Ten minutes later (it takes ages to boot) – we were thoroughly shocked when the thing actually worked! Parts of the phone had been hit by cars, trampled on, and blown away by the speed of the cars passing by.

It had a few scratches here and there, the back cover wouldn’t fit snugly any more and the holster’s magnet broke, so now it speed dials a random number sometimes as I place the phone inside it.

Now that’s resilient engineering.

Well done RIM.


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