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ITWorx Prayer Times Hot Fixes

Posted by archworx on February 25, 2008

Hi all,

There have been some complaints and questions about the prayer times gadget and I’m here to tell you that we are working on a new release Insha’a Allah that will include many bug fixes and new features.

But in the mean time I would like to tell you about some hacks that you can do

Remember : after any change please close the gadget and open it again for the changes to take affect

  • To fix the Athan sound

Open the folder %userprofile%/AppData/Local/MicrosoftWindows Sidebar/Gadgets/ITWorxPrayerTimes.gadget/sound and you will find Athan123.wav, just replace this file with any wave file you like but it will still be loud so try to put a wave file with low volume. (Don’t worry the volume will be fixed)

  • To fix the cities

Open the folder %userprofile%/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Sidebar/Gadgets/ITWorxPrayerTimes.gadget and you will find data.xml, this is where we store all the cities, all you need is a text editor and you will be able to add any city you like

To add a city:

here is the format

<Country id=”” name=”” city=”” latitude=”” longitude=”” gmt=”” daylight=”” method=””/>

id: insert the next id in the list (not important what number you put)

name: insert the country name

latitude: your new cities latitude in the formate D M [N/S]

D is degrees, M is minutes and [N/S] means north or south

eg. Egypt, Cairo is “30 8 N”; 30 Degrees 8 minutes North; please remember to leave the spaces between them

longitude: your new cities longitude in the formate D M [E/W]

D is degrees, M is minutes and [E/W] means east or west

eg. Egypt, Cairo is “31 24 E”; 31 Degrees 24 minutes East; also please remember to leave the spaces between them

gmt: is simply you timezone, eg “0”, “2”,”-3″ or “-7”

daylight: is if daylight is enabled or not, eg “Y” or “N”

method: this is asr calculation method you use and its a number from 0-4

“0” means Egyptian General Authority of Survey

“1” means Islamic Society of North America

“2” means Umm Al-Qura University

“3” means University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi

“4” means Muslim World League

I hope that this can help until the new version is released

Thank you


13 Responses to “ITWorx Prayer Times Hot Fixes”

  1. Sami KHANFIR said

    I have a setup problem with your gadget, after installing it and trying to run it, it gives me two warnings : missing file prtmresfr.dll and then it craches.
    Can some body help me with this problem please. or at least give me the missing file.

  2. archworx said

    Try to register the PrayerTimes2007.dll file using the regsvr32.exe command
    you will find the dll in “%userprofile%/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Sidebar/Gadgets/ITWorxPrayerTimes.gadget”

  3. Sami KHANFIR said

    Thanks for the reply, but couldn’t find any file called PrayerTimes2007.dll to register in the indicated folder!!!

  4. archworx said

    Is there a bin folder inside that location?
    You will find it there
    If not, download the gadget again so the can be added

  5. archworx said

    I think your problem is that your using French local in the regional settings,
    I’ll try to find that file and send it to you by mail

  6. Haluk said

    hey . first thx for program . I like it but I have a problem that my city isnt working.
    There is turkey istanbul choose in menu and inside “data” but when I choose it every praying time become 12:00. I will be very glad if u help me thx

  7. Totemic said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Totemic.

  8. kenshin said

    can i install this in windows XP x86..?

  9. kenshin said

    newayz, i hav already installed it in xp x86.. very nice gadget.. is it possible to edit the current time display..? the display lags by almost 2 hrs.. ive selected the gmt 8 bcoz its my region’s timezone, however it still displays the wrong time..

  10. zahid said

    The prayer name always shows as the Fajr and does not change to the next prayer.

  11. Jaqoup said

    “The prayer name always shows as the Fajr and does not change to the next prayer.”

    yes me 2

  12. mero said

    the gadget is didnt work at all . and i think if i have to search about the hot fixes of the gadget , then it is a failure

  13. Jon said

    “The prayer name always shows as the Fajr and does not change to the next prayer.”

    Same here.. it was working great, now it is only showing Fajr. I have no idea why.

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