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Two new MVPs at ITWorx

Posted by archworx on January 2, 2008

This is just a small post to say how happy I am that ITWorx has 2 new MVPs:

1. Marwan Tarek (The great Sharepoint expert and MVP)

2. Myself (I am extremely happy about this)

This is just to extend thanks to all the people who gave us help and support at ITWorx and at Microsoft. You guys have been great to us, especially, Mohammmed Karam (our commander and cheif 🙂 ), Sherif El Touni (our best buddy from Microsoft), Mohamed Wahby (our great MVP lead), Ahmed Bahaa (my personal mentor) and last but not least, Mohamed Nar (our very cool Architect evangelist).

Also many thanks to my best buddy Mohamed  Meligy for his personal and professional help.

Thanks a million everybody, this has been a truly happy day, and looking forward to seeing many more MVPs from our beloved ITWorx. 


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