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First Cutting Edge Club Public Seminar

Posted by archworx on November 28, 2007

Last Saturday saw the Cutting Edge Club’s Technical Seminars go Public for the first time. This is interesting as it is contributing to a critical mass which I believe will herald a watershed period in the Egyptian IT industry. It is also relevant to this blog because in essence the club was the brain child of the Architecture Group. It is still headed by our very own Nader Ziada.

BTW – the event was extremely encouraging, and people’s reception was quite good. The speakers themselves were quite articulate and people seemed quite happy with the whole thing.

We’ll give you more details in due time, but this is just a quick announcement until then.


2 Responses to “First Cutting Edge Club Public Seminar”

  1. archworx said

    Check out Meligy’s review of the event, very interesting:—Welcome-to-MS.aspx

  2. archworx said

    Regarding the point about accumulating a critical mass of events that will signal a change in the Egyptian IT Industry, I found this link from Meligy’s blog above to be exceptionally interesting – read this for a take on why people do this kind of thing anyway:

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