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Interview Question: Is a String of Parenthesis Balanced?

Posted by archworx on May 17, 2007

Here’s an easy one:

Given a string that contains only parenthesis like “(” “[” “)” “]”

We call a string balanced if every opening parenthesis has its corresponding closing parenthesis (and vice versa) , but they have to be in closed in correct order i.e. if you open a nested parenthesis inside another the nested one should be closed before the outer one is closed.

So an example of a balanced string would be “([[(())]])”

Examples of unbalanced strings would be “]([()])[” and “[[[((]))]]”

Can you write a function that takes a string (or characher array) as a parameter and returns true if it is balanced and false if it is not.

Waiting for your answers


5 Responses to “Interview Question: Is a String of Parenthesis Balanced?”

  1. Youssef said

    Not time for a full method, but here’s the algorithm. You mentioned that the string contains ONLY paranthesis. This means that:

    str[n] must be equal to str[length(str)-n] must always be the same char.

  2. Youssef said

    Scratch that.. I think that a balanced parenthesis is more than just the example. Do you have any more examples or test cases?

  3. Here is a simple algorithm:

    for every character:
    if it is an opening parantheses :
    push it on stack s

    if it is a closing parantheses :
    pop the top parantheses from stack s
    if it does not match the closing parantheses :
    string is not balanced

    if the stack not empty:
    string is not balanced
    string is balanced

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