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Visual Studio Team System first impressions

Posted by archworx on February 7, 2007

I have been studying Visual Studio Team System for a while now and considering how to approach using such a wonderful but very complex product in a company like ITWorx, or any other development company for that matter.

My first impressions of VSTS were through a session given by Ahmed Bahaa in the Cutting Edge club a couple of months ago. Ahmed gave a very compelling overview on VSTS and why it is such an important product.

The main features and ideas in his presentation that have stuck to my head until now are as follows:

1. VSTS’ main goal is to facilitate collaboration between team members in a project team.

2. The ability to customize processes and extend the current workflows in VSTS that are based on Windows Workflow Foundation.

3. The amount of time project teams spend on communication as a significant overhead and how VSTS helps reduce this overhead while still facilitating communication.

4. The idea of the workitem as the building block of all projects in VSTS, and how we should use a work item as a way of tying project documentation and code.

5. The complexity involved in installing VSTS components  and getting them to work together. (This is important because we have to plan the timing we need to start piloting VSTS).

6. The overall architecture of TFS and how to scale the system.

These are just my first impressions. Tune in for more on VSTS when I start the VSTS  Implementation series.


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