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Posted by archworx on November 5, 2006

The first practice of extreme programming we are going to discuss is Refactoring. It is the process of changing an existing body of code, changing its internal structure without changing its external behavior. Keeping each refactor (change) small ensures the system is restructured while reducing the chances of things going wrong. Constantly refactoring your code eliminates any duplication and keeps your code-base simple and easy to read and manage. For me it’s always a sign you need to refactor when you find yourself copying and pasting code from one class to another.

There are refactoring tools in most IDEs to make it easier for developers to perform this task; common supported tasks usually include renaming of classes and variables, extracting methods, organizing code and much more. Check your IDE and find out how it can help you refactor and make you life easier and your code cleaner.


One Response to “Refactoring”

  1. First Of All , congratulation For The MVP
    Refactoring Goes More Far , I See It Is an essential skill should be gained for any developer in the start of his career life
    The Only Book I got about Code Refactoring is
    Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

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