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Design Doc Quality

Posted by archworx on October 10, 2006

I just got into a discussion on design document quality. The idea was on one side, the design doc should be spell and grammer checked first and when reviewed, we should refuse any document that has not been properly checked. I thought that this should be mainly a QA issue, since QA= Quality Assurance, then it is ensuring the quality of the design doc.

The other side was that QA only Assures adherence to processes and it should be some other role that assures this.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents, what do you think?


3 Responses to “Design Doc Quality”

  1. archworx said

    How can you consider a design document that doesn’t use proper spelling and grammar a quality document, in my opinion this is definitely a part of the QA review. Otherwise all the QA is doing is checking there is a document, but wihout any validation to its contents.

  2. Eman M said

    Let’s differentiate between the QA and QE; QA = Quality assurance, people who are responsible on the auditing and the processes, QE = the software quality engineers, people who are responsible on the quality of the whole project life cycle including all the documents.

    The design document should pass by the QE first before the technical architect review, to ensure something like the spelling mistake and all the logical and process-related issues.
    The architect team should focus on the deep issues of the design.

  3. Youssef said

    Doesn’t word automatically suggest fixes for grammar and spelling mistakes? I was amazed when at times I received documents that word is putting that curly line saying that there’s a spelling mistake and wonder if whoever wrote the document actually have spelling and grammar disabled.

    I don’t think that QA should review any document for grammar and spelling. They should, however, review it for readability and that it is understandable. Granted, grammar and spelling are a part of readability, but the mere fact that we want to rely on QA for grammar and spelling is scary!

    For some spell checking add-ins for the code itself, you may want to check this entry:

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