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Installing .Net 3.0

Posted by archworx on October 4, 2006

 I’ve been trying for ages to get .NET 3.0 to install on my development machine, it took me ages and it never succeeded.

I would always get a crappy error message going something like “Setup could not download all the files”.

After lots of research and asking around, I came upon this link:

It basically says that you nedd to uninstall any previous versions of the framework, and provides you with an uninstall application.

None of this worked for me, so the only solutions was to start with a totally new machine, but there was mention that an antivirus or antispyware could be the problem, after disabling all my “anti” applications, I was still at the same place I started…. A failed installation.


I decided to create a new Virtual PC from scratch.

This is the install order I used:

Windows XP (SP2)

.NET Framework 2.0

VS.NET 2005

MS SQL 2005

.NETFX 3.0 RC1

Presto, it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Installing .Net 3.0”

  1. mkaram said

    Way to go Msamy! Now all we need is to get those virtual labs actually running so we can prepare a seminar.

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